31 Days of Random Questions – Day 14

What are the two best live performances (of any kind) you have ever seen?
Several years ago, I saw Phantom of the Opera as part of the touring Broadway series that comes to Tulsa. It was even more hauntingly beautiful than the movie, which is one of my favorites.

As a part of the same Broadway series, I also saw Wicked. Defying Gravity at the end of the first act was the most visually and aurally magical live performance I have seen.



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3 responses to “31 Days of Random Questions – Day 14

  1. Wow, it so tough to narrow down my favorite two.

    Les Miserables would have to be one. The story line, and the skill of the performers trumped anything I have ever seen.

    For my second, I would say when I saw U2 in 2009. Only because I had never been so excited for any other performance before, and I was not let down.

  2. dawnomite

    Such a fun question. My mind immediately went to concerts, but I suppose I could add seeing Chicago on Broadway back in 2000 (before the movie was a glint in anyone’s eye). However, I’ll stick with concerts:
    1. The Cranberries in Prague, 2002. One of my favorite bands. Every single song sounded just as tight live as they do recorded. So much fun.
    2. Jamie Cullum in Birmingham, AL, 2010. He is such a showman and his music is so soulful.

    I also saw U2 in ’09 (responding to the comment above) but it wasn’t as good as my expectations. I can be a bit of a snob with live music.

    • Abby Howe

      Both your concert experiences sound fun! I’ll have to look up Jamie Cullum. I like “soulful” music & haven’t heard of him.

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