31 Days of Random Questions – Day 23

Who or what do you avoid on a daily basis?
I constantly avoid needless conflict… and I think most of it is needless. When I think something matters more than the discomfort and disharmony of conflict, I try to work it out as quickly as possible and then move on.


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2 responses to “31 Days of Random Questions – Day 23

  1. Conflict is a good one to avoid; what is our ROI? Is it really worth getting all worked up on “this” or “that?” Traffic, communications breakdowns and lack of proper planning are the three I tend to avoid as much as I can; all three usually get me wound up and can usually be resolved by stopping and taking a broader view of the situation.

    • Abby

      First, I love that you referenced ROI in a non-business conversation! Second, I agree with your three to avoid, especially communication breakdowns.

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