31 Days of Random Questions – Day 26

What do you collect?

My tangible collections are journals I have filled (dating back to the early 90’s), children’s and young adult books I enjoyed as a kid, and interesting glass bottles.

My intangible collection is hundreds of stories, real and invented, mine and others’. I remember the plots and characters and can retell them or listen to them over and over. I have loved stories for as long as I can remember.

We are nearing the end of the 31 Days Challenge, so make any question suggestions and I will do my best to answer them before the end of the month.


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2 responses to “31 Days of Random Questions – Day 26

  1. I didn’t notice until I read this question. I guess I have been collecting books; Up until a couple years ago I hated to read, it was difficult for me because I never put any time and effort into it. Because it was so difficult, I didn’t want to waste my time reading a book, only to get to the end and think to myself “I just wasted X hours reading this stupid book that I will never get back.” I signed up for an internship at my church which included reading 14 books throughout the year; by the time I was done, there were an additional 18 books on my reading list and it continues to grow. Now I am reading almost a book a week and loving every minute of it.

    • Abby

      I am so glad you discovered reading as a hobby you love! Do you use an ereader or physical copies of the books?

      Ironically, being an English major as an undergrad took up all my reading energy and I got out of the habit of reading “for me.” That was years ago and I still keep meaning to get back in the habit.

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