Abby’s Apps: Introduction

Reading about technology is a hobby of mine. Science Mom calls me “Techie Daughter” and both of my parents (and some coworkers) refer many of their computer technology questions to me. Sometimes I have to do some research before I can help, but then I end up learning something new, too. Thanks to their questions, I have learned how to jailbreak an iPhone (before I ever had my own), a few obscure Excel formulas, the ins and outs of syncing a Windows phone or a Blackberry with secured Exchange server, and many other tricks.

I like trying and using apps, especially ones for iOS. In addition, I enjoy sharing my favorites with friends and family, so I decided to share them for 31 Days. Most of the ones on my list are iOS apps because I have an iPhone, but I will do my best to include a link when an app is available on other platforms.

I realize there are several usages for the word “app” in the English language. For the purpose of this series, “app” is a shortened form of “application” and refers to software applications.

Please join me tomorrow for the first app review post!

2014-10-01 10.22.21

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