Abby’s Apps: RetailMeNot

2014-10-01 20.17.33

Title: RetailMeNot
Cost: Free for iOS and Android, also available on the website.

What It Does: Lets users search for coupons from stores, web retailers, and restaurants. I look up stores while I am shopping, show the coupon to the cashier, and let them scan or enter the code right from my phone – no printing required!

2014-10-01 20.19.26    2014-10-01 20.23.42










What I Like: Saving money, seriously. It is convenient for me to bookmark my favorite stores and even specific coupons. I also like the free-with-purchase nachos I got last month at Chili’s!

2014-09-11 19.48.14
What I Dislike: Occasionally expired coupons are not removed in a timely manner. It is not a huge problem, but is the only downside I have for this app.


Disclaimer: I don’t own or have any vested interest in this or any other apps nor am I responsible for how you or anyone else choose to use them. Do your own research and make wise decisions!


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This is a part of my 31 Days series, Abby’s Apps, linked up here.

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