Abby’s Apps: Breeze [the one I wish I liked]

Today’s app was on my list of apps to share this month and I almost decided against it because the more I use it, the more I dislike it. But I concluded that this series does not have to be only reviews of apps I love. This is one have fallen out of “like” with.

 Breeze: an app I wish I liked |

App Title



Free for iOS

What It Does

The app claims to monitor your activity and to help “effortlessly improve your fitness by giving you guidance and motivation to be more active every day.”

Breeze: an app I wish I liked |

Breeze: an app I wish I liked |

Breeze: an app I wish I liked |




My Opinion

From my perspective, it is a pretty, sleek pedometer for iOS. The app must stay open, running in the background, but does not seem to drain my phone battery more than normal. Breeze has issues refreshing the data when I return to it after using other apps. In addition, the constant notifications are annoying. The app acts like a needy friend with all its reminders and alerts. I wish there were a way to dial back the notifications instead of all on or all off. Furthermore, I dislike the arbitrarily assigned goals for my activity level each day.

Breeze: an app I wish I liked |
 Breeze: an app I wish I liked |

Breeze: an app I wish I liked |

Ultimately, the pedometer in the Health app that comes standard with iOS8 may be a good replacement for Breeze but I have not used it enough to know. Breeze is okay if you like the reminders and interface and getting assigned a “spirit animal.” I have not completely given up on my relationship with Breeze but I am looking for a replacement and will keep you posted.

Do you have a pedometer app that you love? Tell me in the comments.

Disclaimer: I don’t own or have any vested interest in this or any other apps nor am I responsible for how you or anyone else choose to use them. Do your own research and make wise decisions!

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