Things I Do When My Husband is Out of Town

"Hobbit" succulent

Last week, Brian went to a work-related conference for four days, so our dog, Cola, and I were home alone. I observed that my behavior and habits shift a bit when he is not around for several days. According to my observations, I am very productive when trying not to miss someone and I do not care about having a lot of variety in my meals. What do you do when your spouse (or roommate) is away?

  • Keep the doors locked unless I’m using them. Just in case a burglar knows I’m alone and tries to walk in.
  • Stick extra pillows on his side of the bed. The pillows are basically insulation because our bedroom is chilly at night.

  • Compose a blog post and post numerous Instagram stories. Perhaps I have more words to share when I spend time alone.
  • Eat sushi for dinner while sitting on the sofa and watching TV. We nearly always eat at the table and he refuses to try sushi.
  • Eat sushi for two more meals because I like to eat Asian food far more often than Brian does.
  • Re-watch season seven of Gilmore Girls in anticipation for its return later this week. I also remember why I have never re-watched season seven. It was never as good after Amy Sherman Palladino left. 
  • Drink coffee anytime I want. My coffee-hating husband does not like to kiss me or even hug with our faces close together when I have recently drunk coffee.
  • Wash five loads of laundry, mostly linens. How do we have so many towels?


coffee, pillows, pancakes, clothes


  • Go to college basketball games. We have season tickets and I was not going to miss out simply because he could not go!
  • Host a “holiday movie night” for college students that turns into a “Doctor Who Christmas specials” night. That is what happens when everyone voting on the movie is not in the mood for Christmas movies but is a Whovian.
  • Plan to bake for a church dinner and then find out a friend’s child’s baseball team is having a bake sale. I bought baked goods for the church dinner & finished all my Sunday prep in about five minutes. 
  • Go shopping for clothes and spend a lot of money. I typically procrastinate clothes shopping because I do not enjoy it, but a local store was having big sales and I had quite a list of items to replace. 
  • Make pancakes for supper because Brian refuses to partake in any form of “breakfast for dinner.” I also had leftover pancakes for two breakfasts because I like to eat pancakes far more often than Brian does. 
  • Replace the shower head because the old one was leaking. This is in no way related to all the towels in the laundry.

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