About Abby

Welcome Translated in Multiple Languages

It’s the 2020’s, why am I blogging?

I have been having fun on social media with #howeabby____ hashtags as a tool to share what works for me. How I live and do things is constantly evolving because I keep finding ways to make my life fulfilling and lovely, even as life continues to bring change. I expect my posts here to be sporadic, but that they will make up a reference tool when you or I need it. I welcome your post suggestions and questions!


I like exploring how to do things and why they work a certain way. My ideas come from reading, online research, hearing what works for others, simple trial and error, experience, and more. What works for me may or may not work for you, but it is worth considering!

My ESOL Students' Home Countries; globe


I love college students! I teach English for Speakers of Other Languages as my day job… Except for semesters where I teach student success or college prep English (getting native English speakers ready for college-level composition courses). My husband and I also lead a small student ministry at the college where we both work. Perhaps I teach English because I am a logophile (lover of words). As a kid, some of my favorites were orchard and languishing – thank you, Charlotte’s Web – and sternocleidomastoid – thank you, Science Mom!


I was born with a love of organization and cleanliness but my mom patiently taught me there are times where disorder, messiness, and dirt are acceptable and even fun! (It took years.) Now I am a relaxing perfectionist who has learned is learning that the messy chaos of life can be beautiful… now can we clean everything up and have everyone get along for a few days?

7 responses to “About Abby

  1. What a great perspective! Thank you for sharing!

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  3. Angela Weeks

    Abby, I love your site and the randomness of it. Makes me smile. Thanks for writing and sharing!

  4. I love how you describe yourself as an outgoing introvert! I’m an INFJ through and through but find myself outgoing 🙂 Also, yay logophiles!

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