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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 12

What is a song that always makes you smile?
Built to Last by Heartland; it has a pretty melody and the lyrics remind me of my grandparents who will celebrate their 65-year anniversary in November. The chorus goes:

Here’s to the makers of things built to last
Like church bells and bridges, and baseball on grass
Like Ferguson tractors and Lucchese boots
My daddy’s old tools I still use
The pledge of allegiance, the stars and the stripes
The words in the Bible, the sun in the sky
And here’s to the twinkle in old married eyes
Still there after fifty years past
Here’s to the makers of things built to last

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Drawing a Blank

On an April 9th in the 1980s, I received what I thought was the greatest birthday present ever: a baby sister born the day before my second birthday. Decades later, I still hold the same opinion.

I tend to remember random events and stories and experiences in vivid detail for a very long time. A couple years ago, my mom (ever the scientist) quizzed me to see how far back I could remember. I was able to recall an entire conversation I had with a family friend before I was two. As I rummaged through my memories, looking for milestones, I grew puzzled. “Mom, I don’t remember going to the hospital to see Sara when she was born. I remember Sally* still in her package but I have no memory of going to the hospital and I know I was excited about seeing her.”

A sheepish look crept across Mom’s face, “Oh. Um, there’s a reason for that.”

“What, you didn’t let me go?”

“Well, you had a cold so when Dad went home [from the hospital after Sara was born], I told him to give you 1/2 teaspoon** of Dimetapp. When he brought you to the hospital, you looked worse. You were kind of lethargic and your eyes were a little glazed. I thought you might have meningitis or something and thought to myself, ‘Oh, no, we’re all going to be in the hospital!’ I asked Dad if he gave you the Dimetapp. He said, ‘Yes.’ I asked, ‘How much?’

‘1/2 tablespoon.’**

So you don’t remember because you were overdosed on cold medicine.”

Units matter, people.

*Sally was the doll I received the next day. She is on the far right in the earliest picture of Sara and me.

**Edited because my mom says it was 1/2 teaspoon/tablespoon instead of 2.


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Lows & Highs: February 27-March 5

On Monday nights, I lead a small Bible study for college students. As an icebreaker, we used to play a short game (which varied from week to week) at the beginning of each meeting. A couple years ago, I introduced the group to “lows and highs,” where everyone takes a turn sharing a lowlight – something they didn’t like – from the past seven days and then a highlight point – something they liked.* You have to start with low and end with high so you end on a happy note.

I like this way of opening our meetings because it lets each person share what has been noteworthy in their life lately and hear from each other. I like that its flexible structure gives us an opportunity to practice good conversation skills of listening, responding, and general turn-taking. (Carrying on a good conversation seems to be a dying art.) The students seem to like the way “lows and highs” lets them tell others about frustrations, problems, triumphs, and joys without complaining or bragging. It gives them a chance be heard on whatever matters to them this week.

Last night, the only low I could think of was that last week was our fiscal month-end at work, when I work longer hours to wrap up the budgets and forecasts for accounting period. Even then, the work went smoothly and I finished earlier than usual. My first high was the murder mystery party I had with some work friends on Friday (everyone wearing tropical costume, acting like silly characters, eating yummy food.) My second high (yes, we are allowed to have more than one!) was when one of the engineers at the party thought that I could not possibly be older than 27.

What are your lows and highs for this week?

*I got this idea from dear friends who share lows and highs at dinner each night with their three children and any guests who happen to be there. The idea to write about it came from a friend who did the same thing here.


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