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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 7

Who is your favorite comedian and why?
Today I would say either Victor Borge or Tim Conway. I thought they were both hilarious as a kid and still laugh hard at their routines. My appreciation of Tim Conway is due largely to my dad’s sense of humor and his discovery of classic skits like this one on YouTube.

P.S. Happy birthday, Dad!


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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 5

Do you consider yourself a pessimist, an optimist, a realist, an idealist, or something else?
I am an idealist who usually has a plan and a mental picture of how I want things to look or events to happen… Real life almost never looks like my plan, though.

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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 4

What rule or tradition do you think people should stop following?
People should stop doing the bouquet and garter toss at wedding receptions. As far as I can tell, the majority of single people would prefer not to emphasize their singleness by standing in front of all the guests and trying to catch something thrown at them.

Note: If I was in your wedding party, I cheerfully joined in the bouquet toss because it was important to you on your special day. If I was not in your wedding party, I probably hid during that particular photo moment unless someone noticed and dragged me along with them.


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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 3

What brings out the worst in people?
Hunger, tiredness, and sore feet bring out the worst in most people. Lots of people need to have a snack, a nap, and more comfortable shoes before they go out in public.

My mom’s advice to my boyfriend about me was something like, “You have to feed her regularly. If she doesn’t feel good, feed her. If she gets crabby, feed her. If she gets too quiet, she probably needs to eat something. When in doubt, just get her a snack.” Yes, she sounds like I’m two years old but she is pretty much right about the eating thing.

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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 2

What animal would you like to be for a day and why?
I would like to be a lizard so I could nap on a warm rock in the sun for hours without getting sunburned. Plus it would be fun to climb around on rocks and trees. I know they eat bugs but, if I were a lizard, I’d probably think they tasted delicious.

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31 Days of Random Questions

I’ve heard of 31 Days in passing and several bloggers I follow will participate every year. I’ve never had the desire or time to do it myself, but enjoy reading what others post.

I like to write because it helps me ponder and process but I had the idea that it would take a ton of time and energy and creativity to undertake 31 Days. As I scrolled through the list of links to participating blogs, I realized that many people do lots of time and energy and creativity into their 31 posts, but some make it more simple and still meaningful and/or fun. If you are doing 31 Days and you fall into that last group, thank you for making it seem attainable.

I like questions, especially random ones that don’t have yes or no answers, that make people think, that start conversations, that invite stories. I have a whole list of good questions already, so I’m going to post one with my answer every day for the 31 days of October. Take them and ask your friends or family if you want. I would love to hear your answers in the comments (seriously. that’s why I ask, after all)! If you have suggestions of questions to include, let me know.

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How to Change Your Mind… Or Not

As a sister, a friend, and a collegiate ministry staff member, I am occasionally asked for advice. Sometimes I am not sure what to say at first, so I ask questions. On occasions when I know exactly what to say, I still ask questions. I have discovered that most of the time, people need to discuss it or figure out the answer to their dilemma on their own.

For instance, a common question is about whether or not to reverse a past decision. Whether you are reconsidering a relationship change, a job, a school, or something else, there is nothing wrong with reevaluating decisions, the key is to ask insightful questions.

When you think you want to change your mind about a past decision or begin to think you made the wrong choice, ask yourself these questions:
1. What were my reasons for making the original decision?
2. Are those reasons still valid?
3. Do I have new information that I didn’t have previously?
4. Does any new information outweigh the original reasons for the choice?
5. Does any new information reinforce the original reasons for the choice?
6. What would I advise someone else to do in a similar situation? (Sometimes this perspective shift can help me see around purely emotional reasoning. While emotions are valid indicators, mine are changeful and should not be the basis for decisions.)

What other questions would you add? How do you evaluate decisions?

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