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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 28

I really thought I had today’s post all written and scheduled to post at 6:00 a.m… It has been a busy weekend with meeting my nephew for the first time, partying at a wedding (where I saw no bouquet throwing!), taking a four-hour road trip, and catching up with two different friends. I have had a marvelous time! Bonus question: How was your weekend?

Actual question I intended for Day 28: What is one smell that brings back a childhood memory?

The smell of coconut reminds me of sunscreen and summer and swimming at the lake or pool. As far as I remember, all sunscreen smelled like coconut in the 80’s and early 90’s. To this day, that olfactory trigger is why I avoid coconut-flavored drinks. They taste the way sunscreen smelled.


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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 20

What’s one wish you hope comes true?
I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally want to be “the cool aunt.” My new baby nephew, Eli, has five aunts though, so the competition may be fierce. (I don’t have any other nieces or nephews yet.)

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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 6

What’s a common misconception people have about you?
Many people think I am an extrovert, but I consider myself an outgoing introvert. I like to think before I talk and find spending time with people to be emotionally and physically draining, no matter how fun or fascinating they are. Thanks to two very outgoing parents, I learned to be outgoing at the right time and place. I enjoy spending time with people I love and meeting new ones, but there comes a point where I’m ready to go home or slip away for time to be alone.

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Lows & Highs: March 6-12

Last night, I could not think of a low from the past week. I even scrolled back through my schedule but nothing came to mind. My high for the week was visiting Great Bend over the weekend.¬†It was a terrific ¬†weekend full of quality time that involved yummy food, long conversations, relaxing walks, and a funny play (Lil’ Abner).


Explanation of lows and highs

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