31 Days of Random Questions – Day 24

aka Lows & Highs: 10/17-10/23/12

What was a low point from your past week? What was a high point?

Low: Fall allergies are giving me headaches and congestion, which can make it hard to be alert and focused.

Only a few hours old!

High: I am an aunt! My nephew, Eli, was born on October 18 and looks adorable in the photos! I get to meet him on Saturday. He and my sister are both fine and went home the next day.

Question asker’s note: You can change “past week” to “today” or the weekend when asking family or someone else you talk to all the time. I have dear friends who share lows and highs over dinner with their three kids and anyone who happens to be visiting.


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2 responses to “31 Days of Random Questions – Day 24

  1. High point was dinner with an old friend last night I haven’t seen for almost a year; low point was today @ the Doctors where they weighed me and I am almost back to my highest weight ever. 😦 Time to start paying attention to my diet again and to get back into working out.

    • Abby

      I love catching up with friends! I need to get back to working out, too. It improves my energy and somehow keeps my clothes from mystically “shrinking in the dryer.”

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